The Elfin-EE1X unit is a complete solution for serial port device connecting to network. This powerful device supports a 10/100BASE-T Ethernet connection, a reliable and proven operating system stored in flash memory, an embedded web server, a full TCP/IP protocol stack,and standards-based (AES) encryption.

 Through Ethernet cable connect router with Elfin-EE1X serial server for data transfer, which makes the data transformation very simple. 

Overview of Characteristic:

  • Cortex-M3 MCU with 2MB Flash and 128KB SRAM
  • Use FreeRTOS Operation System
  • Support TCP/IP/Telnet /Modbus TCP Protocol
  • Support RS232/RS485 To 10/100M Ethernet Conversion, Serial Speed Upto 460800 bps
  • Support 10/100M Ethernet Auto-Negotiation
  • Support Webpage Easy Configuration or PC IOTService Tool
  • Support Security Protocol Such As TLS/AES/DES3
  • Support Heart and Resister Packet Function
  • Support  Web OTA Wireless Upgrade
  • Support Industrial Temperature: -40 to +85藲 C
  • Wide DC Input 5~18VDC
  • Size: 61 x 26 x 17.8 mm (L x W x H) 

Sizing Table

Name Elfin-EE21  >> Elfin-EE10&Elfin-EE11  >>
Image Elfin-EE21 Elfin-EE10&Elfin-EE11
StorageTemp. -45 ~ 105掳C锛?5 ~ 95% RH -45 ~ 105掳C锛?5 ~ 95% RH
Processor Cortex-M3 Cortex-M3
Basic Frequency 320MHz 96MHz
Flash 16MB 2MB
Operating System OpenWRT Linux FreeRTOS
Ethernet 1 1
Interface Standard 10/100M Base-T Auto-Negotiation 10/100M Base-T Auto-Negotiation
Network Protocol IP锛孴CP锛孶DP锛孌HCP锛孌NS锛孒TTP Server/Client锛孉RP锛?AutoIP锛? ICMP锛?Telnet锛孨TP锛?Modbus TCP IP锛孴CP锛孶DP锛孌HCP锛孌NS锛孒TTP Server/Client锛孉RP锛?AutoIP锛? ICMP锛?Telnet锛孨TP锛?Modbus TCP
Security Protocol TLS 1.2 AES 128Bit DES3 TLS 1.2 AES 128Bit DES3
Port Number EE21锛? RS485 EE10锛? RS232 EE11锛? RS485
Data Bits 5锛?锛?锛? 5锛?锛?锛?
Stop Bit 1锛? 1锛?
Check Bit None锛孍ven锛孫dd None锛孍ven锛孫dd
Baud Rate TTL锛?00 bps~460800bps TTL锛?00 bps~460800bps
Flow Control No Flow Control Half Flow Control(RS485) Software Xon/ Xoff flow control No Flow Control Half Flow Control(RS485) Software Xon/ Xoff flow control
Configuration Http Web Configuration Customization of HTTP Web Pages Http Web Configuration Customization of HTTP Web Pages
Size 61 x 26 x 17.8 mm 61 x 26 x 17.8 mm
Input Voltage 5锝?8VDC 5锝?8VDC
Working Current -40 ~ 85掳C
Power <400mW <400mW
Network Transformer Integrated Integrated
Work Temp. -40 ~ 85掳C